Glass railings are increasingly popular with homeowners in Vancouver. They are aesthetic, sleek, safe, contemporary, and allow you to drink in the sunset without obstruction. Frameless glass railings provide protection without closing up space. Even well designed framed options open up the area, allowing light to filter through.

If you are thinking of renovating or building a new home, there are a wide variety of glass railings to choose from, both for exteriors and interiors. These are easy to install and maintain which is why many attempts to do it themselves. However, a word of caution here! If you are not familiar with the procedure, DIY could be a costly mistake! You need to pay special attention to the Building Code and safety measures. Here are several other factors to consider for glass railing installation:

Glass Varieties

Glass needs to be handled with care. If it cracks or breaks, you’re done! There are several kinds of toughened glass that are ideal for railing installation. The safety glass used for such purposes is four times tougher than standard glass and “shatter safe” like your car windshield. Laminated glass is lined with a plastic film that catches the glass if it cracks in rare cases. In many ways, glass railings are designed to be safer than wooden options. Make sure you understand which variety will best fit your needs.

Glass Railing Varieties

You have a choice of seamless railings, frameless varieties, framed options, top balustrades, sole glass sheets, and glass held up by figurines for a luxurious look. Each one is attractive and comes with its own pros and cons. If you have no clue which one to choose from, consult a professional. You can consider glass railings for decks, balconies, indoor staircases, and much more.

Handle Glass with Care

The biggest caution you need to take with glass is handling it. Sole glass sheets need to be lifted vertically and packed with extra padding to protect the edges.

Handling Glass Railings

Make sure you take every precaution while transporting and installing glass railings. Wear protective gloves and have an extra pair of hands or two to help you. If you hire a contractor, you need to know that they are experienced in the job and insured against accidents. Wear rubber shoes to lessen the chance of slipping. Postpone delivery and installation in bad weather.


Glass railings are easy to maintain after installation. You won’t have any fear of loose parts or annual servicing. A special coating helps prolong the life of glass railings with extra protection. To maintain the look and keep it clear of fingerprints, simply wipe clean with a glass cleaner and dry microfiber cloth.

Consult Cypress Railings in North Vancouver for Glass Railing Installation

For safe railings customized for your property, it is best to employ professionals who are well versed with the job. Our team in Cypress Railings are backed with years of local experience and the highest level of craftsmanship. Our products are of the highest quality, made with stringent attention to detail at competitive pricing. Choose from our multitude of products for indoors or outdoors. Our custom quality fabrication is designed to fit specific requirements.

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