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What’s the essence of a gate if you can control who comes into your property? What’s the essence of a 21st century gate if you have to get close to it, to identify visitors, or let them in? To give you the best experience in terms of convenience and security, we at Cypress Railings stock the best of the best items when it comes to access control for automatic gates. These devices include remote controls, card readers, exit loops, exit probes, intercoms, and telephone entry systems. We not only stock them but also help you install them, and give advice on the best suit of control devices that suit your property.

Our remote controls for automatic gates can work from a range of 30m to 100m, depending on the particular brand you choose. They can shut a gate that weighs up to 1000kg. They are waterproof, dustproof and consume low energy. They come as part of a set for an automatic sliding gate opener or as replacement parts, with a warranty. Some of our remote controls work with transmitters that send codes to receivers which can be used to gain access to the property. No code can be used or generated twice, thus guaranteeing security for your facilities.

With card readers, you are assured greater security than if you used transmitters or keypads. You can assign a card to a limited number of people who are allowed to have access to your property. Each card will be added to the card reader system. In the event that a card is stolen or misplaced, it can easily be deleted from the system so that unwanted persons won’t be able to use it to gain access to your property. Card reader systems come in different sizes, depending on your needs. At Cypress Railings, we stock large card reader systems that can keep track of the usage history of each card.

With an exit loop, you or your guests won’t have to get out of their cars to open the gates. You also won’t need a remote control, keypad, or any other kind of access control device. The exit loop detects when someone drives a vehicle over it and automatically opens the gate. This perk will be extra appreciated during rainy or windy days. You won’t have to step out of your warm car to open the gates anymore. Installing an exit loop is no mean feat, as you have to consider the length of the driveway and average speed for driving in. Luckily, we at Cypress Railings have you covered in this respect and can help choose and install the right exit loop for your property.

We stock on the best of the best names in terms of access control devices. Our remote controls are from Linear, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster. The telephone entry systems are made by Linear, Chamberlain, and Aiphone. We also stock additional security devices like perimeter cameras. With Cypress Railings, you’re the boss of your own gate, from anywhere, at anytime.

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