What are security grills?

Some people know them as security grills, and some refer to them as security bars, but whatever you want to call them – their underlying premise is to prevent easy access into a building. Intruders are always looking for easy points of entry where they can do their damage quickly, quietly, and with minimal complications and risks of getting caught. When they see highly durable security grills on windows, patios, doors, garages, grates, and other locations, they get the point that the homeowner has taken the precautions needed to prevent thefts. Window grills do alter their look and view, but where there are major vulnerabilities around a home, they need to be protected to ward off potential threats.

What to be aware of with security grills

Security grills are valuable to have to secure the inside of your home, but when installed incorrectly they can surprisingly become a fire hazard. They should be able to be opened easily from the inside just in case an unfortunate fire incident takes place. It’s recommended that security bars are installed by professionals to ensure that they have a quick release key system, and keys should be kept close by in plain sight so that residents and guests can get out of protected windows in the case of an emergency.

It should also be noted that security grills should never be installed on young kid’s bedrooms unless an effective means of outdoor entry is well established in case of a fire, or in another delicate situation when the door is blocked. Small children may not be capable of unlocking a security grill, especially at a time when time is of the essence. Older kids need to be properly trained in how to open the security bars, and should practice how to do it on a regular basis should a dangerous situation such as a fire occur.

Proper installation of security grills has the screws passing through the drywall into wood frames or wall studs. Sizing is also very important so that the grills match the windows to prevent an intruder from squeezing around the grill on either side.

Where security grills work best

Basement windows are typical points of entry for intruders as they are the least visible due to shadowing, plants, fences, or window wells – making them easy to break through in a timely matter. Security grills are excellent solutions to protect basement entry from happening.

They don’t have to look ugly

When most people think about security grills they picture unattractive bars that stand out like a sore thumb. Today though, they can actually look good by matching window’s and home’s outdoor aesthetics – making them a solid protective option that doesn’t negatively impact a home’s natural curb appeal.

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