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Custom Glass and Aluminum Canopy and Carport Installation

Cypress Railings is proud to offer custom-built glass and metal canopies and carports in all Metro Vancouver. We have been proudly designing, fabricating, and installing canopies for many years. The positive feedback from our valued clients has been incredible to hear! Add beauty and shade to your balcony by choosing one of our amazing canopies ideas. We can use metal, clear glass, or tinted glass for your canopy project.  don’t worry about the price; we offer the most competitive prices in this case between others. Check out our latest canopy project’s pictures and feel free to contact us.

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It all starts with a free consultation, during which we will visit and evaluate your space. We understand that questions are going to come up, so that is why we make sure to listen to you and answer those questions, with open communication between both parties being a focus of ours. The design, materials, and placement of the project are all stressed in our communication with you. Do you have any specific requests or tweaks you’d like us to take care of? No problem! Our talented team of welders, and designers. Installers and fabricators are there to get the job done exactly as you have envisioned it. Best of all, our team of professionals will always finish a project within your budget and around your schedule, with minimum invasiveness!

Need proof of Cypress Railing’s devotion to quality canopy projects? Look no further than the photos below for real-world examples of canopy projects we finished in and around Vancouver! You are making a smart choice when you choose to work with the professional team at Cypress Railing, and we are ready to show you why! We invite you to get in touch with us today and take the first step toward a successful canopy project in your home or business. Book your free consultation today!

Balconies, decks, and patios are excellent places to relax and read a book or entertain guests, but when the sun is shining in all its glory in the high heat of the Summer, the space can be much less desirable to hang out on. Provide much-needed shade to your outdoor environment and a new element of beauty to your property by having a canopy installed by our experts! Below, we outline some of the benefits of having a canopy on your property.

Protect your family and guests from sun and precipitation

We all love the sun, but sometimes we need some relief from the powerful light and UV rays to more comfortably do the things we want to do, and all at a lower temperature as well. Canopies provide an ideal hardware platform so that you can enjoy the shade while still taking in the fresh air and everything else that the lovely outdoors has to offer. Also, rain, unfortunately, tends to accumulate quite frequently in the area of Vancouver, so canopies provide superb protection to stay dry, and they also keep snow away as well to reduce the amount of shoveling you need to do to keep functional surfaces clear.

Energy costs are reduced

It depends on where your canopy is installed and how it impacts the indoor space, but during hot weather when your air conditioning is on, if less sun enters your home then you will need less cool air to keep your place at the temperature you want it at – lowering your hydro bill and reducing your home’s carbon footprint in the process.

Low maintenance and care required

Any of our materials that are used for canopy projects are of high quality and are water-repellent and mildew resistant. Just wipe down or hose off whenever you see some degree of dirt and that’s all you have to do to keep your canopy looking like it’s brand new and freshly installed.

Increase property value

When you compliment your property with a well-designed canopy, it not only makes it look more attractive aesthetically but also adds to the financial value of your residence. Homeowners will often look to add a canopy, but it’s not very often that someone wants one removed. Wherever a canopy can be found – there were strategic reasons for placing it there.

There are a few material options you can select from for your canopy including the popular option of solid aluminum, and clear glass or tinted glass are perfect solutions if you don’t want full shade and just want to merely reduce the amount of sun that comes through. You have full creative control over your canopy project so you can get just the right look by selecting the design, color, materials, and placement that will best fit with your home and property.

The exciting journey begins with having a free consultation with our experts by having them visit your residence to evaluate the possibilities, and they will make helpful recommendations and suggestions for maximizing your canopy’s presence.

Any questions, requests, or concerns that you may have will also be handled in a professional manner by our team because we want each client to be 100% happy with their decision to get a canopy. Our well-rounded team of designers, welders, installers, and fabricators perform at a high level to ensure that you get exactly what you envisioned, and your project will come in on budget, completed within the timeline you need – all plans will be executed upon to accommodate your busy schedule, and everything will be conducted with minimal invasiveness.

If you are looking for visual proof of Cypress Railings’ devotion to quality canopy projects, then check out the photos above for real-world examples of canopy projects we successfully completed in and around the great city of Vancouver! You are making an intelligent choice when you decide to work with the friendly and talented team at Cypress Railings, and each step of the way we will increase your confidence in our company.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to take the first step toward getting a beautiful and functional canopy for your home or business. Book your free consultation today so we can learn about your canopy needs and goals, and we will visit you to propose great solutions that fit both your property and your family’s lifestyle.

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