You may be building a new home or going through the renovation process in your current one, and now you need to figure out what kind of staircase(s) to put in. You more than likely want one that is safe, functional within your space, and aesthetically beautiful. There are all kinds of considerations that have to factor into your staircase(s) decision, and we outline five of them below.

Select a style that fits

With the plethora of styles of staircases now readily available to be designed, built, and installed, it can be challenging to decide on which one to go with. You need to understand your home’s environment to come up with a practical staircase concept that fits its look and feel. Do you want it to blend in with your interior’s design? Do you want it to stand out and become a focal point? Do you have young kids and highly value safety? Is space a factor? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself to help with the staircase’s style decision-making process.

Give yourself a healthy timeline

Your staircase project will take some time to plan, have designed, built, and then installed. Timelines for each project vary depending on the complexity, and should you need other elements done such as lighting to accentuate the staircase experience, you will need to make more decisions than just the staircase itself. Be sure to come up with a realistic budget and timeline to get everything done from start to finish.

Safety is always a factor

You and your family need to feel confident in using your staircase safely because it will be relied upon throughout each and every day. The last thing you want is to have a stunning staircase but it comes with a high risk of slipping and falling and getting badly hurt. When in doubt, some carpeting can be a nice design touch at least down the middle, and help to minimize the odds of someone taking an unfortunate tumble. Comfortable and easy to grip handrails also aid in providing a better safety experience for residents and also guests who visit.

Test before committing

You might see the most gorgeously designed staircase ever, and badly want it for your home, but what is actually using it like? You may have friends or colleagues who have a staircase much like the one you want that also uses the same material – give it a test run to see if the experience is as wonderful as the look of it. Pictures don’t always tell the full story, sometimes something has to be seen and used in person to understand the complete picture.

The amount of space plays a part

There may be a staircase style that you want for your home, but will the space in your home and the layout of it accommodate the staircase, and will it look natural? We are good at helping clients figure out what’s actually possible, and what’s just an ambitious pipe dream. We want to deliver the staircases of our client’s dreams, but we also play the voice of reason when a particular design just won’t work in a home.

Cypress Railing & Gates takes great pride in designing, building, and installing wonderful staircases of all types into our client’s homes. Contact us today so we can understand your project’s needs and goals, and let’s figure out what the perfect staircase looks like for your home.