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Choosing Your Railing: Framed vs. Frameless

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Selecting the right railing for your property involves many factors, including style, durability, maintenance, and cost. At Cypress Railings in Vancouver, BC, we frequently assist customers in making the choice between framed and frameless railing systems. Both options have their unique advantages, so the “better” choice truly depends on your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.


**Framed Railings**


Framed railings, as the name suggests, consist of panels (typically glass, but other materials can also be used) held in place by a frame. The frames can be made of various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, or wood.




– *Durability:* The frame provides additional strength and support, making framed railings exceptionally durable.


– *Cost:* Framed railings are generally less expensive than frameless options due to lower material and installation costs.


– *Versatility:* The frame provides an opportunity for aesthetic variation, as it can be painted or finished in various styles and colours.




– *View Obstruction:* The frames may partially obstruct the view, especially when thicker materials are used for the frame.


– *Maintenance:* Depending on the frame material, some maintenance might be necessary, such as painting or sealing.


**Frameless Railings**


Frameless railings, often made of glass, provide a sleek, modern look. The glass panels are secured with specialized hardware, but there’s no visible framing between the panels.




– *Aesthetics:* Frameless railings offer a clean, minimalist look and do not obstruct views, making them perfect for showcasing beautiful surroundings.


– *Maintenance:* With no frame to paint or finish, maintenance is generally low, although the glass will need regular cleaning to keep it clear and bright.




– *Cost:* Frameless railings typically come with a higher price tag due to the cost of the heavy-duty tempered glass and the specialized hardware and installation required.


– *Durability:* While the tempered glass used is strong, frameless railings can be slightly less robust than framed options since there’s no additional support from a frame.


In conclusion, both framed and frameless railings can be an excellent choice for your property, depending on your needs. Consider your budget, desired look, maintenance willingness, and the importance of an unobstructed view before making your decision. As always, the team at Cypress Railing is here to provide expert guidance to help you choose the perfect railing system for your property.

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