Staircases are just like bridges only instead of connecting roads; they help to connect floors in a building. A quality and well-built staircase should add style and accessibility to your home or business. It should also ensure easy and quick navigation around your home or business.

Asides from the primary utility functions that staircases provide, they also offer an excellent opportunity for homeowners to showcase the designs of their homes or businesses. The emergence of various custom staircase designs have massively transformed architectural frameworks and redefined the art of modern living.

Many homeowners are increasingly becoming aware and interested in the Vancouver staircase designs available today. They now go for staircase designs that fits in-line with the décor and style of their spaces. Others opt for custom staircase designs that effectively address a need while beautifying their homes.

Staircases can dominate a space like no other element can so make sure you pick a design that matches your home’s unique aesthetics. Below is a comparison of the various types of custom staircase designs available that you can choose from.

Glass staircases project elegance, sophistication, simplicity, and a contemporary look. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they neither fade nor wear out over time even with heavy foot traffic. Glass staircase designs make your space look bigger and spacious. The transparency makes even the dullest rooms light up, and it is an excellent addition in most home and businesses.

Iron staircase designs are most suitable for outdoor use due to their strong resistance to harsh outdoor weather conditions. This type of staircase is primarily known for its durability and ability to withstand heavy weights and activity. They require low maintenance, are cost-effective, easy to install, and the iron material aligns seamlessly with several other types of materials if you desire two or more types of materials for your staircase.

Spiral staircases have a unique design that provides a perfect blend of both style and functionality. They are renowned for conserving space efficiently, and their vertical nature allows for a more compact architectural footprint than virtually every other type of staircase available today. When installed indoors, spiral staircases can help you save ample floor space. This allows you room to store other essential elements like furniture or appliances. Spiral staircases are often used as a secondary staircase to a building or as access to the kitchen. They are a fantastic solution to connecting any floors, and they look beautiful as well.

This type of staircase design is often referred to as the traditional staircase. They are usually wooden in nature and are the oldest type of staircases still in existence. Regular staircases are renowned for their timeless, quality, high value, and long-lasting qualities. They are typically the easiest to build, are highly versatile and can be customized into many different styles and color. Regular staircases can be carpeted or simply left as wooden slabs. They can also be painted, stained, or varnished as desired.