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Our durable driveway gates offer security and disallow public access to your driveway. We offer custom-build metal driveway gates in North Vancouver and all the Metro Vancouver cities. Based on the dimensions, design, and square footage of your residential property, the prices differ. you can call us to get details or send us your project area pictures to get estimations and prices. As driveway gates are the focal point of a home’s exterior and curb appeal, finding a beautiful option that is built to last is essential. Be sure we have the most competitive prices and use the most durable material in our Driveway gates projects.

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When you choose Cypress Railings, you are choosing a team that puts quality and craftsmanship above everything else, and when it comes to our driveway gates, this couldn’t be truer. The quality in fabrication that you will see in our products is unmatched in the industry, meaning you will be getting nothing but the best when you choose us. Our driveway gates are built to provide your home or business with only the most reassuring safety and security, but it doesn’t stop there! Not only are our driveway gates secure, but they are also designed with beauty in mind, and come in a number of attractive designs as well as automatic features.

Still, wondering whether Cypress Railings is your best choice? Why not have a look at the photos below, which are all from driveway gate projects around the Greater Vancouver Area? Customers just like you trusted us with their projects, and the proof of our success is in these photos! We never cut corners, and we always work within your budget and on a tight schedule that will never intrude on other aspects of your everyday life. We promise that your project will turn out just as beautiful as our examples below, if not more beautiful. All you need to do to get started is get in touch with us, and we can book your free consultation!


Different Types of Gates

Every premise is unique and reflects the owner’s personality. Whether it is a home or a commercial space, the foremost appearance is represented by the gate at the front. Gates not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also provide security, safety, and convenience to users. Thus, there’s much more to the front gate than meets the eye.

There are many different types of driveway gates available in the market, including automatic, manual, swing, slide, up-and-over,electric driveway gates. Each one has its own merits or characteristics, and it all depends on what are the owner’s requirements. For example, automatic gates are best for high-traffic business premises that need a constant operation.

Here is a complete guide to help you decide the best gate type for your property.


Swing Gates

Swing gates can operate inward or outwards as per the installation requirement. These gates need dedicated space equal to the length of the gate on the pavement or street to open fully. This is to protect any oncoming traffic on the path/road. The most common exterior swing doors are double-swing French doors. These doors require a completely flat driveway and shouldn’t exceed 18 feet in length.


Swing doors are mainly of four types:

  • Automatic swing gates
  • Balustrade gates
  • Palisade gates
  • Welded mesh design
At Cypress Railings, we can customize swing doors to include even more designs as per the customer’s choice. Automatic swing gates can be equipped with more features and accessories such as remote control, barbed wire, etc.

Slide Gates

These are single-piece gates that open either to the left or right direction of the operating user. The driveway must have the space to account for the entire length of the gate so that the gate can open fully. The sliding gate can be of various types depending on the user’s premises, style, and operation.
  • V-Track Type – The most popular slide gate variety is the V-Track. These are highly reliable, easy to operate, and economical. However, snow build-up can deter their functionality.
  • Rear Pipe – There are two wheels located on the gate ends to support the opening act. The wheel carriage includes a V-track and a wheel carriage assembly.
  • Cantilever – This type is ideal for heavy snow regions. Here, the wheels are located vertically and do not touch the ground. The gate can move freely in the middle as the wheels at both ends deliver optimum rotational space.
Sliding gates can be longer – up to 12 meters in width! Even if the floor is uneven, the driveway is small, or the budget is less, sliding doors are the right choice for multiple properties.

Vertical Lift Gates

Space is at a premium in the urban landscape. So, vertical gates are the perfect option to utilize limited space to the maximum ability. Vertical gates open upwards and are aided by automatic mechanisms. Thus, all the area underneath the gate is usable for the user.
Commercial and industrial premises require maximum optimum utilization of the premises, and these gates deliver both efficiency and performance. Vertical gates are an excellent choice for apartment parking as well.

Bi-Folding Gates

Bi-folding gates are a high-speed alternative to traditional gates, and they deliver more convenience. The two gate panels are further divided into further two sub-panels to offer more comfort. High-traffic areas can be handled better with bi-folding gates. These gates promise a more security quotient along with continual traffic management.
Cypress Railings – Custom-made Gates that Exude Your Style
Gates serve more than one purpose – style, safety, and efficiency. A faulty gate can restrict your business’s true potential. Let us help you choose the right gate that meets the actual requirements of your premises.
At Cypress Railings, we ensure that your high-security gates also look stylish. Contact our professionals for a quote on the custom-made driveway gate.
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1. What type of driveway gates needed least maintenance?

Sliding gates

All kinds