Deciding on which type of exterior railing you want is a challenge, especially when there is different styles and material choices . Today we’re hoping to help you conquer this challenge by providing you 4 reasons why you should choose exterior aluminum railings.



If you live in North Vancouver then you must know about the rain. Weather conditions are big factors when considering what type of exterior railing you are wanting. Wood can rot, Vinyl suffers damage from the sun and steel railing rusts, aluminium on the other hand can resist corrosion, rust, decay and more. With all these defences it can last for decades without taking a scratch. If that wasn’t enough, models that have powder coating will be more durable and last even longer.



Aluminum railings are not needed to be painted, treated or stained compared to the other materials. With an easy spray down with water they will be looking pristine and brand new every time. No need for any extravagant cleaning supplies or hours taken out of your day.



Aluminium is a lightweight material that can be easily cut, meaning transporting is a breeze compared to a material such as steel. Aluminium is also eco-friendly, it can be recycled giving you the chance to avoid the landfill and help preserve the planet.



With all these benefits aluminum is still very affordable. Aluminum is a package that includes style, affordability and durability. However costs still vary between different manufacturers, no matter the material.



Aluminum is a viable choice when choosing a railing material . It can come in many colours and styles,can withstand Vancouver’s bipolar weather and is affordable to many homes. Everyone has a personal preference and at the end of the day comes to their choice. Although if you are looking for any of these qualities then aluminum is perfect for you.

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