Exterior Railings

Exterior Railings

At Cypress Railing, our exterior railings offer the highest level of quality, are custom-fit to your staircase, patio, or balcony, or wherever you need a railing to exist on your property, and our sleek railing designs help to nicely compliment your outdoor environment. Exterior railings can seem like something to put off and not pay much attention to for various reasons, but in fact, they are the core aspect of a stairwell or balcony that connects and harmonizes the design and overall space. They bring a whole new level of sturdiness and detail that is unmatched compared to what older types of railings offer, and this is especially true if there are no railings that currently exist where you want to place one. Well-designed and built railings will also give you the peace of mind that your family and friends are safer, with fewer chances of falling and getting injured. Thanks to top of the line exterior railings, built with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can take your home’s look and feel to a whole new standard of living.

Cypress Railing stands behind every piece of work that we do, offers a guarantee of unmatched quality when it comes to our products, and our exterior railings are a big part of that guarantee! Our quality in fabrication can’t be touched by our competitors, and we provide our customers with nothing but the best experience throughout the entire process, from start to finish. We focus on skilled workmanship, safety, and quality in everything we do from our products to services and customer care, and it certainly shows with each new project that we diligently take on. With our vast product offering, you can be certain that your home or business will be given a healthy boost when it comes to visual attractiveness and safety.

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    Some Benefits of Exterior Railings

    Excellent Durability

    There is a great selection of materials that we offer that can be used for your exterior railing project, and you can rest assured that if it’s aluminum or another type of material recommended by us, it will hold up for many great years to come. You will want to make sure that the material chosen won’t rust, corrode, decay, warp, crack, split, or swell, and with our help, you can feel confident that your railing will always be versatile, sturdy, and strong. And the shape will forever look like it was just installed no matter what temperature or weather conditions may present themselves.

    A wonderful long-term investment

    You may have heard those exterior railings are expensive if they aren’t wood, but that simply isn’t the case, especially over the long haul. If you go with a material such as aluminum for your project, the cost will be higher initially, but thanks to the low to no maintenance required, the cost for the railing won’t go up, unlike a wooden one that needs lots of TLC each year, and will likely need to be replaced at some point in time. Plus installing an exterior railing increases your property’s value, adds to its desirability to live on, and makes your home more move-in ready for future buyers.

    Makes your property safer

    We can’t stress safety enough, and that’s because your outdoor steps likely get slippery from time to time, and that creates issues for even the most careful of walkers. By having a railing that’s strong and reliable, your steps will be safe to walk on when the ice and snow piles up, and your older family members and friends can feel confident to visit your home even on the most nasty Winter evenings

    They are Sleek and Beautiful

    Exterior railings, when done well, offer a gorgeous aesthetic element to your property that likely never existed before. They can be matched up seamlessly with your home or company’s property look with a clean style, and attractive color that blends nicely with what you currently have. You will be wishing that you installed an exterior railing years ago to enhance your property’s curb appeal, but better late than never right?!

    Still not convinced that we are the right partner for your exterior railings? Then take a look at the photos below which feature our work from past exterior railing projects we have successfully completed around the Greater Vancouver Area! By consistently demonstrating quality work such as these case studies, our team has earned a solid reputation and trust from our customers, and we’ll make sure we prove that reputation firsthand when you choose to partner with us on your next exterior railing project. We absolutely guarantee that your project will turn out just as beautifully as our past customers have, all within your fixed budget, schedule, and timeline. Contact us at Cypress Railing today so we can learn more about your exterior railing needs, and determine the best way to move forward with your exciting project!

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    Interested in our exterior railing products? That’s great to hear! We can provide you with a fast and free consultation in which we will review your space, and then go over your options for design, material, and placement. We understand you may have specific needs, and this is why our North Vancouver team will work closely with you to make sure that these needs are met, each and every time. Our professionals are with you from the beginning of the project all the way until the end, and they will be listening to you and communicating with you all the while.

    We are there to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have at any point in time. With over 40 years of experience between them, the welders, designers, installers, and fabricators that make up our team are a truly talented bunch! Their professional industry experience and knowledge means you are getting more than your money’s worth in professional services.