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When it comes to setting up an automatic gate, it takes quality and skills to get it right. Quality in terms of choosing the right products that match the value of your money and going the extra mile. Then skill in terms of installing these products and providing the best advice, backed by experience to help get started with automatic gates. If you’re looking for a company that combines both factors seamlessly, look no further than Cypress Railings. We stock gate openers from all of the best names in the industry such as HySecurity, FAAC, BFT, Chamberlain, Linear, and DKS Doorking. All our gate openers come with CSA approval, as an added mark of quality.

We stock bollards that are designed and have been tested to guarantee that they have withstand high impact, yet operate smoothly. They are reliable in all weather conditions and can be used for automatic gates that experience high volumes of traffic. They come in different size ranges, depending on the average vehicular traffic, and the nature of the area you intend to install them (e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking lots, industrial zones). They can be operated using any access control device that we stock. We can also install and help you configure it with your preferred access control device.

Our barrier arms are great for parking spaces, airports, office buildings, and areas that generally experience a high flow of traffic. They open and close in a matter of seconds and are generally low maintenance. They can be operated using access control devices that we stock such as telephone entry systems, keypads, card readers, or manually with a guard station. They are great for setting up toll gates to regulate one-way or two-lane traffic. Our barrier gates come from reputable brands such as DKS Doorking, FAAC, Linear, and OSCO

All of our sliding gate openers are built for heavy-duty use and run on DC or AC energy, depending on the specifications. Some of them also come with manual release keys that can be used to open the gates, in the event of a power outage. They are all waterproof, long-lasting, and come with a warranty. Some of them also come with pedestrian mode so you don’t have to open the gate all the way to open it. We stock sliding gate motors from Linear, BFT, FAAC, LiftMaster, HySecurity, and DKS Doorking. Our services are also available for installation to suit the specifications of your gate.

At Cypress Railings, we understand that your gate is not just a means of entry to your home. it adds value to your property. It says a lot about your style and like a good first impression, you want to make the most of it. That’s why we won’t offer any gate opener or access control device that takes away from the gate of your dreams. Before installation, our sales team is available to guide you through the process of choosing a device that suits your home, your gate, and our budget.

With Cypress Railings, you never have to settle for less.

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