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If you are looking for the answer to the question “Which glass railing company near me in Vancouver and North Vancouver is the best one? ” you are at the right place. Cypress Railings & Gates with over 25 years of experience(combined) in residential and commercial glass railings projects is proud to serve the area citizens with the highest level of services quality and best prices. You can order us framed or frameless glass railings service and be sure to get a high-quality outcome at the end of your project. You can choose custom interior or exterior glass railing designs and ideas. We use tempered or laminated glass as per your request and budget. You also can order the glass used in your project to be clear or tinted and opaque.

Glass Railings Ideas For Stairs and Decks

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Glass dividers and glass gates are versatile and attractive options for dividing space in your home, office, or other building. They allow you to create a sense of privacy without blocking out natural light and can be customized to fit any style.

Glass Dividers

Glass dividers are a great way to create separate areas in your home without sacrificing natural light. They can be used to divide a large living room into smaller living areas, to separate a dining room from a kitchen, or to create a private office area in a home office.

We offer reasonable prices for our glass railing services all over the Greater Vancouver. Check out our latest glass railing projects. Feel free to contact us.

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Aluminum Semi Privacy Fence
Aluminum Privacy Fence

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Why Is Cypress Railings No.1 In The Region?

We do not claim without witness. First of all, our high-quality glass railing service’s witness is our customer’s satisfaction. Then you can see our quality service awards that were awarded to our company in recent years. Feel free to have a look at our customers’ reviews in Cypress  Railing’s GMB.

Why We Are Different From Other Competitors?

In addition to over 25 years of experience and activity in glass railings installation and design in Metro Vancouver, we can guarantee the quality of materials used in the projects. Delivering the project on time an custom designs as customers needs made us different from the competitors. We can perform the projects with any budget an size. Just trust us and try.


Frameless Glass Railings In Vancouver

We at Cypress Railings can install framed & frameless glass railings for your decks, pool grounds, spas, stairs and … in Vancouver and nearby.

Frameless glass railings give a nice view to your home or workspace and installing them will lead to lower prices compared to framed glass railings.

As one of the biggest fabricators in stairs and railings, our customers can be sure that we use our own materials an products in their projects and not third-party companies. We are not intermediate, we are the main source of supplying railing materials and this leads to our affordable glass railing installation prices.

No matter if you need indoor or outdoor glass railings.  We have enough experience to perform any glass railing project at any level in every space. Glass railings allow you to enjoy the view – whether that is the sunset on your patio, or your kids playing on the second floor. Our glass railings are custom-built following your home’s and family’s needs, dimensions, and design. They are modern, minimal, and sleek, and offer a transparency that allows your space to look bigger and more open. Well-built glass railings will also give you peace of mind that your family is always safe. We always build with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail so that you can take your home design and safety to the next level. Cypress Railing always promises top-quality products, and our glass railings are certainly no exception! Our custom quality fabrication is unmatched and provides all of our customers with only the best level of craftsmanship, safety, and quality. Products such as ours are key in providing your home or business with not only a sense of class and elegance but also a reassuring sense of safety. If you are still not convinced, check out the photos below, which are all of the glass railing projects we have completed around the Greater Vancouver Area. Our team is proud of the reputation they have earned as trusted and experienced professionals who will always put your needs first. We guarantee your project will turn out as beautifully as our examples below, all within your budget and schedule. Our work is minimally invasive, and we never cut corners or waste your time. Don’t waste your time finding a good glass railing contractor in Vancouver and North Vancouver, trust us as others trusted and enjoy the final job. Contact us today and let’s get started!


Home Value Increased
We are always looking to improve our standard of living, and as homeowners, increase the value of our place. Glass railings will never go out of style, future buyers of your home won’t see a need to change them, and the inherent look always turns heads and gets compliments. When you invest in glass railings you can bet that your ROI is in great hands, and your real estate agent can increase your asking price nicely from its previous number before the railing was installed.


When you decide to have your glass railings custom-made to your unique space, you truly maximize the product to your advantage. You can choose from various engraved patterns, select from numerous glass tints to either add privacy to your property or keep it clear for clean views, and the top and bottom railing can be more circular, have no railings at all, or be rectangular, depending on what is the best fit for your family’s needs.


Glass is made by using ordinary sand and heating it to a temperature of approximately 1700 degrees Celsius The sand melts, turns into a hot liquid substance, and is then cooled to form the desired height, length, and width dimensions for what ultimately becomes your glass railing. Glass is therefore a natural by-product of the environment, and is Eco-friendly as a result.


Just because a glass railing is typically see-through and barely noticeable, doesn’t mean that it’s weak or fragile. It’s the opposite as our glass material is extremely strong and designed to last a lifetime. Your kids may be reckless and rough on things, but your glass railings are one less thing that you need to worry about as they can take on a great deal of impact and not show any kind of damage.


Glass railings upkeep is relatively easy, and doesn’t corrode or rust. They are stain-resistant but can get a bit dusty and dirty depending on their location. With the help of a glass cleaning product, you can quickly wipe down your glass railings to make them sparkle again just like new.

Frequently Asked Questions


Custom glass works, Frameless glass railings such as Standoff glass railing, Baseshe glass railings, Spigot glass railings, Interior and Exterior glass railings, residential and commercial glass railings, stainless steel post and clip with glass ( for this service we use 12 mm tempered clear glass)

We also provide services such as: Partition glass, glass wall, elevator glass shaft, frameless glass door, office glass door ( for this service we use 10 mm tempered clear glass)

We also provide custom frameless shower enclosure ( fix panels and shower doors) for this service we use 10 mm tempered clear glass


No specific maintenance is required except cleaning with glass cleaner.


Depending on the size of the project from 2 weeks to 8 weeks on average 4-6 weeks.




Great Reputation

Our team at Cypress Railings is proud of the reputation that we have built with each customer that trusts us to design, build, and install their glass railing. With our well-respected and experienced professionals, you can feel confident that we will always put your needs first and deliver precisely what you envision your glass railing to be. We 100% guarantee that your project will be completed just as beautifully as our photos, within your budget, schedule, and ideal timeline. Our work is executed to be minimally invasive, and we never cut corners to save money or time. Contact us today so we can learn more about your glass railing needs for your home or business, and let’s get started on your project soon!

High Quality

We always build with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail so that you can take your home’s design to the next level. Cypress Railings always promises top-quality products built to last, and our glass railings are no exception! Our custom-quality fabrication process is unmatched by our competitors and provides all of our customers with an elite level of craftsmanship, comfort safety, and top-notch quality.

Custom Glass Railings

Our glass railings are custom-built to spec depending on your home’s and family’s needs, the dimensions needed, and the preferred design. They are beautifully modern, minimal in material for simplicity, sleek, and offer a wonderful transparency that empowers your space to look larger and take on more of an open concept.

Beautiful Work

Products that we build and stand behind, are significant in providing your home or business with not only a delicate touch of class and elegance but also a reassuring sense of security. If you are still not convinced, check out the photos of actual customer experiences, they visually show the numerous glass railing projects we have successfully completed around the Greater Vancouver Area.

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