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Hand railings, also called grab railings, stay true to their namesake because they are railings that are designed to be grasped by the hand to provide stability or support when ascending or descending the staircase, enhance security, and prevent falling. These railings are typically supported by posts attached to the steps on a staircase or can be attached to a mount on the walls. Grab railings can be used in a variety of ways from bathroom handrails, to guard rails and more. Their sturdiness makes them a reliable and popular choice for those who want to install handrails on the interior or exterior of their property.

Grab railings for both interior and exterior properties actually boast a number of benefits. Typically, when someone is walking up or down stairs, the grab rail is a reassurance to have for some added comfort and peace of mind.

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What Are Grab Railings For?

If you or perhaps your parents or grandparents are finding that furniture is not only good for sitting on, storing stuff in, or putting stuff on, but rather for using as a walking tool – then it’s likely an evident sign that you or your loved ones need more support for properly getting around a home. Grab railings provide people with extra confidence to better navigate homes from point to point when it comes to staircases, rooms, and when more leverage is needed such as effectively getting in and out of bathtubs.


What Are The Different Types Of Grab Railings?

In today’s market, there is a wide and diverse range of railings that come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. Below, we outline the options available, and some considerations to keep in mind when deciding what’s best for you or your loved ones, the home they will go into, and the desired interior or exterior location(s) for the grab railings.


Aluminum Railings

This type of railing is gaining in popularity thanks to their wonderful long-lasting durability, they are low maintenance so they don’t command a ton of upkeep to keep looking great, installation is straightforward, and they are quite affordable option compared to other alternatives, and they offer a good level of beauty as well. Aluminum provides a nice balance of benefits and is a popular option that our clients often request and for good reason.


Metal Railings

This type of railing fixates on newel posts, which are normally positioned at the bottom of the stairs. The rail twists to interface on two facings. Support is nice from metal railings until a better grip can be gained from main stair railings, which likely consist of wooden material. Around the front door entrance or when small level changes occur between rooms are also good uses for metal railings. The most popular color of metal railings is white, but other colors can be selected if a blended look with décor or a standout visual is preferred. Lengths are typically needed between 30-90cm.


Where To Install Grab Railings

In usual situations grab railings will be fixed onto a wall, but if the wall isn’t structurally sound to do it safely, there are railings that can be attached to both the wall and the floor to provide extra support, or to the floor independently. Solid brick or block walls are great candidates for grab railings to be fixed onto, whereas plasterboard walls can be challenging to find solid fixing points to work with. A backing board can provide a more solid base to leverage for a good hold, but from an aesthetic perspective, it may look unattractive to the residents and as a result, not be a desirable option to pursue.


Where NOT to Install Grab Railings

Fixing railings to flooring that has heating under it is a bad idea, and should be avoided. Also, bathroom floors that have been made waterproof and sealed shouldn’t be used as a platform for installing grab railings.


Some Benefits Of Hand/Grab Railings Are:

  • They make it easier to go up and down the stairs confidently.
  • They are useful in preventing accidents because the rails can help individuals regain their balance should a sudden slip or fall occur.
  • They provide stability and can help a number of individuals to navigate the stairs, especially the elderly, people with mobility problems, and more.
  • They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property – especially with a customized wooden design to add more elegance and style.


Design, Fabricating & Installation Services

You can count on Cypress Railings at grab railing’s installation and design for both interior and exterior spaces. The most chosen forms of material used in grab railings are primarily wood (we do NOT provide), then metal is the next best alternative solution. The grab rails made of metal such as aluminum and wrought iron are often used in exterior properties, because of the non-corrosive features of the metals, which makes them ideal to use when factoring the exposure to weather.

Cypress Railings can design, fabricate and install a wide range of quality grab rails in a variety of creative designs and styles. Our customized grab or hand railing designs can be created in a way that can suit any type of staircase whether it be L-shaped, curved, or spiral. For more information on our grab or hand railing services, please give us a call today!

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