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How to Choose the Best Canopy Style for Your Home

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The warmth in the air can be finally felt, and Spring will be here soon to relieve us from what has been a very cold and harsh Winter season. Most of us are ready for the nice weather to arrive so that we can take advantage of everything the outdoors has to offer – including relaxing on patios to enjoy meals and get some much-needed rest and relaxation! While the Spring can be comfortable in terms of temperature, we still typically have to endure a lot of rain to get to the hot dryer weather of the Summer. Canopies are fantastic to have on patios for protection from rain and other precipitation and offer highly welcomed shade when the sun and UV’s are relentless and free from cloud cover.

An outdoor patio almost becomes an extension of your home in the warmer months, especially when there’s a canopy to make it more functional when the weather isn’t at its best. When you have guests over in the Spring, Summer, and Fall you ideally want to entertain and feed them outside but far too often, many of us get stuck inside with less than ideal weather to contend with. You can create an outdoor oasis right on your very own property thanks to a quality patio and canopy combination, and some benefits for protecting your patio space with a canopy include:

  • Protection from the bright and hot sun and its damaging UV rays.
  • Shelter from rain, hail, snow, and all forms of precipitation.
  • All of your furniture and decor is shielded from the sun and wet stuff from the sky.
  • The home’s indoor space is also shaded by the length and width of the canopy, helping to save on expensive air conditioning costs in the Summer.
  • When a beautiful canopy is selected to match your patio and home, it creates a fresh new visual element that fits naturally into your property.
  • It provides a platform to decorate with strings of soft mood lighting – great for nighttime when you want some form of lighting, but nothing too bright and hard on the eyes.


The benefits for adding a canopy are tangible and wonderful, but selecting the right one can be challenging. Below, we offer some insights into how to select an ideal canopy for your property.

Considerations for choosing a patio canopy

Size it up

No matter what size, shape, and style your patio is you can be sure that there’s a custom canopy that can be built and installed to cover it. The length, width, and height of a patio are important to determine the ideal canopy’s sizing dimensions, but you may also want a bit of overhang to accommodate more patio elements and guests, how and when the sun hits it plays a factor, and where your windows and/or doors are located also play a part in the decision-making process.

To retract or not, that is the question

A retractable canopy offers the ability to be able to pull back the top to let more sun in when desired, but you need to make sure there’s room for some or all of the canopy to retract.

Design and style

When you have a custom canopy designed, built, and installed by professionals at your residence, you have the ability to tap into your creative side and get exactly what you want. In terms of the style and design you are after, you can select your material, colour palate, look, texture, and other characteristics so that it natively fits into your current space perfectly.

We deliver gorgeous canopies

Cypress Railing has tons of experience producing canopies that are both visually stunning and functional and can be installed quickly so you can start enjoying your patio even more than you do now. With the amount of rain that Vancouver and the surrounding area gets, canopies are invaluable towards creating more livable patio spaces. Contact us today so we can learn about your project’s needs and goals, and we can offer helpful advice on how to successfully get the process started.

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