Glass railings are becoming more and more common in houses thanks to the beauty they bring, and safety they offer. Glass railings are regularly found inside homes accompanying staircases, and outside surrounding balconies and decks. The clear material of glass offers a feeling of openness, while keeping sight-lines unobstructed to offer a nice view all around. Glass is a solid material, so for railings it’s great for kids so they don’t get their hands, arms, feet, and legs stuck between spokes like how more traditional railings are constructed.

Durability is a huge benefit to having glass railings as they will literally last forever with the proper cleaning and maintenance, which thankfully is minimal. Dirt and dust, and even fingerprints can collect on glass, but with a quality glass cleaning agent and some elbow grease, it’s easy to always keep your glass railings looking brand new.

Below are ways for keeping your glass railings clean no matter what annoying substance may collect on them.

A build up of grime – Typically you think of grime build up when it comes to the washroom and kitchen due to suds, dirty skin, or unclean objects getting on shower walls and floors, and around sinks. Glass railings can also be affected by grime depending on where they are located within a property. When a grime build up can be seen it’s best to take action early on and wipe down with a cloth using a water and vinegar mixture, or using a store bought glass cleaner on a dry cloth. Make time for cleaning grime!

Dirt and dust collecting – No matter where glass railings reside there are always going to be issues when it comes to dirt and dust since these substances tend to cling onto glass. Dust tends to be more of an issue inside, and dirt will pester your outdoor glass railings when it’s windy and ground material is blown around your property. The good news here is that dirt and dust can be easily removed to help your windows stay transparent and clean. You can simply use a damp cloth to remove the layer of dirt or dust, and then use a dry cloth to wipe dry.

Streaking and spotting from water – This can happen quite frequently when glass railings are outside and the sun is nowhere to be found, just clouds and their precipitation. Water droplets land, and then slide down glass leaving streaks and dots everywhere, especially at the bottom where there may be annoying dirt splattering happening. Depending on the severity of the water damage, you can use a glass cleaner on a dry cloth, or a vinegar and water mixture on a cloth will also work well. A glass cleaner should wipe dry, but when using anything with a water base you will likely want to use a dry cloth or towel to dry the glass off.

Animal waste – Dogs tend to love leaving their scent wherever they go to mark their territory. If you observe your outdoor glass railings looking a little yellow near the bottom, then chances are your dog or neighbouring dogs have done their business where you absolutely don’t want to see it. Aerial attacks including bird droppings on top of railings are also very common. These type of messes will clean off fairly easily but you should wear gloves when doing this type of work, and use a cloth that you feel alright about throwing away after. Ideally you should use a vinegar and water mixture when cleaning animal feces and pee off your glass railings as the cleaning result is good, and the vinegar will help to disinfect at the same time.

After a short period of time you should get into a regular routine when it comes to cleaning your glass railings. These beautiful assets deserve your time and attention when it comes to maintenance. Be consistent and persistent, and your glass railings will shine and sparkle for decades to come!