One easy way to add an element of grandeur to your home is to have a custom made staircase. Having a custom staircase that differs from the standard staircase will make it the focal point of your home, and will give your home an element of uniqueness. Either way, a staircase has the main purpose of getting occupants from one level of the home to the next with ease.

There are various designs of staircases to choose from. Some staircase designs are:


Straight Run Staircase

This is the standard type of stair that is found in the everyday household. The staircase just goes in one direction with no bends or curves.


Scissor Switch Staircase

This type of staircase is also a standard one found in the household. It starts off with the stairs going in one direction until a landing is reached, then the stair does a 180 degree turn and continues up the staircase.


Winder Switch Staircase

This is considered a twist on the scissor switch staircase where, instead of a flat landing, the stairs winds in a 180 degree angle and continues up the staircase.


Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase seems to be a very common future in modern lofts, however it is increasing in popularity due to its unique style. The spiral staircase curves in circles until the destination is reached.


Curved Staircase

This is considered a design for larger homes because it is grand and opulent in appearance. This staircase curves slightly as the steps go down (or up). This is a common staircase to see in the great hall or grand foyer of a home or hotel.

There are many types of staircases to consider when choosing a custom staircase. A custom staircase is not a necessity but it is important for a variety of reasons:


A staircase is supposed to be functional, but it is also one of the ways you can add an overall appeal to the home. When decorating your home, you want to have things done in a certain way to promote a certain aesthetic. Doing a custom staircase that is both functional and specifically designed will allow the homeowner maintain their aesthetic vision for their home.

Multiple Design Options

When it comes to designing your own staircases, there is a plethora of design options to choose from.

  • Railing: you can have a wooden railing, a wrought iron railing, a stainless steel railing or more.
  • Shape: you can decide on a different shape for the staircase depending on whether you want a straightforward look, a modern look or a grander look.
  • Finishes: you can choose what type of finish you want for the staircase. Do you want it to be dull or have a slight sheen to it?

A staircase is a reflection of your home. If you want a nicely designed home, you should also have a nicely designed staircase (especially considering that it will likely be the first thing guests see when they walk in). Make a staircase reflect your home by making it personable and elegant.