Interior Railings

Interior Railings

Every homeowner wants a home that is safe, provides a good standard of living for its residents, and looks attractive. Interior railings are often an element of a home that has traditionally been overlooked, but thanks to designs that are getting more aesthetically beautiful, they are now getting the respect that they deserve. Whether you want to use them on and around your home’s staircase(s), surrounding an elevated landing, or elsewhere, interior railings certainly offer safety, functionality, and an added design element for any space. There are many types of materials available for interior railings, and below we outline a few different ones to let you know what’s possible for your home.

Metal Railings

Metal is a popular material to use in railings as it’s very durable, low maintenance, and has excellent strength. Metal railings are typically used with contemporary designs – either simple with no decoration or pre-molded designs are also available. They can be painted to align with any space’s design, or left as is to provide a more simplistic and clean visual.

Stainless Steel Railings

When you think about stainless steel railings you likely reflect on their elegant look. They can be painted to match any shade of wall, floor, or staircase. When a lighter and more delicate application is desired then fabricated hollow stainless steel pipes are certainly an option.

Aluminum Railings

This type of railing is gaining in popularity thanks to their wonderful long-lasting durability, they are low maintenance so they don’t command a ton of upkeep to keep looking great, installation is straightforward, and they are quite an affordable option compared to other alternatives, and they offer a good level of beauty as well. Aluminum provides a nice balance of benefits and is a popular option that our clients often request and for good reason.


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