Glass Railings are becoming a prominent option of balconies, decks and porches in all types of buildings. Iron railings have always added a beautiful and sturdy factor to homes and commercial properties. Along with their features and appearances, glass railings and iron railings require distinct maintenance methods.

Dirt and Dust

Cleaning dirt and dust off of glass railings takes an easy couple of minutes. In the event of dirt accumulation on the glass, using a damp cloth to wipe will have the glass looking as good as new. If there is an only slight presence of dirt, a crumpled newspaper will do the job efficiently.

Iron railings are intensively affected by dirt and dust. Cleaning dust off of iron railings will require microfiber cloth, household cleaning products and water. Railings also need drying to prevent dust from settling on the surface again.


Water is solely a threat to glass railings. Water can leave spots and streaks which can tarnish the visual impact of the glass and interrupt the view. Water spots can be a result of various weather conditions, and and these should be cleaned off using household cleaning products and water. Once the glass is dry, you will not see any streaks and spots.


Rust only poses a threat to iron railings, similar to the way the water threatens glass railings. Rust protective coating shields the iron from rusting for a specific amount of time, after which, the coating should be renewed. If the rust railings have a prime and paint finish, they are at a large risk of rusting. Sandpaper, wire brush, and commercial rust remover are employed to clear off the rust. The application of liquid wax, found at automotive and hardware stores, can prevent further rusting on the iron railings.

Maintenance of Glass Railings

Glass railings do not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, a quick wipe down with water and mild household products is all that is needed. The process prevents spots from appearing and maintains an uninterrupted view glass railings offer.

Maintenance of Iron Railings

Iron railings, on the other hand, require paint to maintain their appearance. Fresh coats of paint keep iron railings looking new. Before painting the railings, it should be ensured that existing rust and dirt is removed. Railings should also be sanded down to the metal and dried.

While cleaning and painting the iron railings, surrounding areas, such as concrete, decks, and plants must be covered. In order to prevent iron railings from rusting again, a rust-resistant primer should be applied to the railings regularly. In case the iron railings have been galvanized, it will require less maintenance compared to painted iron railings.

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