Staircases help to connect floors together in homes and businesses and enable us to move around buildings to get where we need to go. Staircases used to be considered an after-thought in buildings and were mostly built to provide utility only so that more than one floor could be built and used. They were essentially utilized to address a need, but now home and business owners increasingly want ones that are attractive and fit in-line with the decor and style of their spaces.

At Cypress Railing, our staircases exude the highest level of quality and provide a functional design for your family, friends, and guests to comfortably and safely get around your home. We custom build staircases based on the specific dimensions of each stair needed, provide a design that fits well with your home’s unique aesthetic elements, and create a style that is safe and usable for the entire family from young children to older adults.

A staircase can, when done well, be a main focal point in any room. It can dominate a space like no other element can, so choosing a well-built, well-crafted, and beautifully designed staircase is essential for bringing together the entire design of your home. Whether you ultimately choose glass, iron, spiral staircase, or a regular staircase, we can give you what your home, business, or property needs.

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