With the holidays fast approaching, there are many things to prepare for – from getting the holiday decorations up, to re-decorating the house for the festivities, to planning on when you want to host the holiday party and of course to stringing up those Christmas lights and adding some festive decorations to the outside of your home. The holidays are full of cheer, and of course it’s also the season of giving.

Cypress Railing wanted to get into the spirit of the holidays by offering a great special to their valued customers. We are announcing the ‘Aluminum Decorative Pedestrian Gate Special’ to the Greater Vancouver Area (which includes North Vancouver and more). From now until Christmas Day, Cypress Railing is offering up to $750 off of any pedestrian gate projects!

This is considered a steal, since our regular price for our pedestrian gates is usually $2,500. Instead, if you take advantage of this deal you will be getting any custom designed pedestrian gate for only $1,800.

We know that one of the main concerns of being a homeowner is ensuring the safety and security of your property and the people in it. You want to make sure that you’ve tried everything you can to make your surroundings more secure. One example of doing that is implementing a gate system that can provide that safety and security. A prime gate system is a pedestrian gate.

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What are Pedestrian Gates?

A pedestrian gate is a popular option for getting added security for your home. They can prevent access to private, residential or business properties. This is ideally made as a general entrance and exit to your property. It does not require any type of electrically or solar operated gate openers for the opening and closing of our gates. It usually consists of a narrow opening that is just big enough for people to walk through.

What are the Benefits of Pedestrian Gates?

As mentioned, safety is a primary concern for most homeowners, and the main goal is to keep out any burglars, unwanted solicitors and more, in order to provide peace of mind to the occupants of the home. Here are some of the benefits that come with installing a pedestrian gate:

  • It cuts down on unwanted foot traffic, since people are more likely to not make the effort to go through the pedestrian gate, as it might make them feel as if they are treading on private property (which they are). This is a great advantage for those who want to keep the property safe from any solicitors.
  • Can stand as an additional obstacle to overcome for any burglars or thieves in an act of crime.
  • Will heighten the overall security of the home, and thus the residents inside the home.
  • Highly durable and are created to withstand all the outdoor elements, from heat, snow, wind, ice and more.
  • It is functional and can highly increase your curb appeal.

If you are considering installing it but are not sure what maintenance and upkeep is required, we can help you out there.

How to Maintain a Pedestrian Gate

  • They may be prone to rust if exposed to constant rain and humidity. This can be prevented by applying a protective coat of wax or protective sealant to increase its durability.
  • If you want to further protect it from damage, paint it. The paint will create a barrier between the iron and the air, which will prevent oxidation and rusting. Plus, a fresh coat of paint makes the gate look more attractive.
  • You can clean your gate with a mix of warm water and dish detergent. For hard to reach areas, use a toothbrush. This will keep your wrought iron gate looking nice and fresh!
  • You can repair any lingering rust spots by using sandpaper or steel wool to remove the rust, and then stop the corrosion by applying wax.

Features of Cypress Railing’s Pedestrian Gates

  • All of our gates capture a classic elegance with its wrought iron gate design. All the materials that our gates are made from can be chosen from: aluminum, iron, metal and custom (a blend of metals).
  • They are powder coated and galvanized to increase its durability and security.
  • With creative methods in forging and heating, these gates can be shaped and twisted into the desired shape, making Cypress Railing a number one go-to for fully customizable pedestrian gates. They are also fabricated in-house and are custom made to order with any design or pattern you want to complement the look of your property.
  • All of our iron gates are extremely weather resistant and can withstand the harsh outdoor elements.
  • It is a great way to keep children and pets in the front yard without worrying that they will run out into the street.

Cypress Railing’s pedestrian gates have a custom quality fabrication that can provide our customers with the highest level of craftsmanship and safety for the occupants of your home.

Not only are these gates there to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, you can also take this security measure and enhance it even further with overall security improvements such as:

  • Motion sensing lights
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Entry via intercom
  • Key/code access system

This added security is a great benefit. Also, in the holidays, when the snow starts to fall, and the festive holiday decorations start getting put out, it’s no surprise that the neighborhood and the streets start looking like little villages out of a story book. Why not add to the festive look by having a nice ornate wrought iron gate at the front of your property? It’s also one extra thing that you can use for decorations, such as hanging a nice wreath or stringing up Christmas lights along the gate. It will surely make your home stand out with the added benefit of safety.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this holiday special, book a free consultation with us, and we can assure you that our team will work closely with you, from the project proposal to the completion of the gate.

Happy Holidays!