Products and Services

Cypress offers a number of service from, railings to driveway gates that are all fabricated to your specification so we can make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. Check out some of our services below…

Exterior Railings
Since exterior railings are located outside the home (or any building), it will get exposed to the outdoor elements such as rain, snow, heat etc. Cypress Railing keeps this in mind and have a special coating process for their exterior railings which improves the quality and durability of exterior railings exposed to the outdoor elements.

What is the coating process?

The coating process consists of us applying a coat of powdered paint that was heated, creating a smooth and durable finish. This method is versatile and long lasting, and the protective coat on exterior railings makes it a popular choice for various projects.

If you have fencing around your home, it would be considered the focal point of your lawn. As such, you want to make the fencing as aesthetically pleasing as possible to match the architecture of your home. Cypress Railings have the skills and creativity to design a myriad of different fencing styles out of various materials. Some examples of the type of fences that we can construct are:

  • Wrought iron fences: they can come in a variety of burnished colours, and can be made into several designs, whether it is with elaborate curvature or simple straight lines.
  • Stone fences: these fences usually have stone as the base and are combined with wrought iron or metal to create a more modern look.
  • Wooden fences: we create the classic white wooden fence (or in any other colour) in various lengths and heights.

Fence Installation Vancouver

After you have chosen the type of fence you want and the area of your property that you want covered, we install your quality product in an efficient manner that our experienced team has done many times before. We are respectful of your property and ensure our work space is always clean.

Driveway Gates
If you decide to construct a driveway gate, realize that this will be the very first thing any visitor will see about your home. It is important that the gate is done in a way that it reflects your home. Cypress Railing prides itself on being innovative with their designs and strive to meet the driveway gate requirements of their customers. We can create a variety of colours, input any desired designs and create any length or height dimensions that you wish to have.

Glass Railings
Transform the interior and exterior of your home from a tradition appearance to a more classy upscale and modern appearance with a simple installation of high quality and well-crafted glass railings. Glass railings are not just for the outdoor balcony in apartment buildings anymore. We can create railings for the inside of your home, for stairs leading up to the next floor, or for the exterior of your home to surround a balcony or a deck in the backyard. Whatever your glass railing needs are, Cypress Railings will meet them.