A stunning driveway or property gate will take your property to a whole new level in many regards, and give it an exclusivity that you never thought was possible at your residence. When someone first arrives at your home you want them to feel like they are somewhere special, and by driving through a beautiful gate, they will instantly feel that extra layer of sophistication that you strive for. Our property gate options are virtually endless when it comes to pillars, lighting, statues, arches, colours, and other custom design elements at your fingertips.

Interior Railings

Our interior railings make any staircase look more elegant, and help to connect floors and spaces together more seamlessly. With help from our experienced design experts, we will guide you through the process of choosing a timeless design, a colour that accentuates your space, a material that’s strong and maintainable, and other important characteristics so that you get a solution you can be proud of, and can use and enjoy for many years to come.

Exterior Railings

Exterior railings, when selected effectively to match a property’s aesthetics, provide a pleasant design element, and are very effective to use for safety purposes. There are many different kinds of exterior railings that we offer to align nicely with all sorts of properties, and each has its own unique set of attributes and benefits to offer. We can help you understand which railing designs work the best for your staircase, balcony, or deck, so you can settle on a final option that looks fabulous visually, is made from a material that ideally suits your environment, can be easily maintained, and fits within a fixed budget that you’re comfortable with.


Property fences offer many fantastic benefits including more curb appeal, privacy from neighbours and other onlookers, and an added level of security for peace of mind. No matter what your objectives and goals are, we carry a wide variety of fencing options that can improve your standard of living, make your outdoor space look better and feel safer, and add monetary value to your property. Whether you want to closely match up with your neighbour’s fences to have a consistent look and feel throughout your neighbourhood, or do something different so your property stands-out, we can build and install the fence you desire.


No matter what home improvement project that you want to undertake, Cypress Railings & Gates will help you reach your goal both on time and on budget, and the experience from start to finish will be delightful.