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Why Choose Us To Be Your Partner?

We at Cypress Railings & Gates as the biggest railing company in the Vancouver, offer stainless steel railings with highest quality and affordable prices.

Our Stainless Steel Railings Competitive Factors

Our stainless steel line of products will provide you with long-lasting, high durability and no corrosion or rusting solution to railings, stairs and more. Our customizable stainless steel products can be used for your interior railing, exterior railing, glass railingstaircases, driveway gates, and pedestrian gates. You’ll find nothing but the best products in the industry when you choose Cypress Railing for your next home or business project. With numerous years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to deliver high-quality results on time, and beyond expectations. A strong devotion to quality craftsmanship is what separates us from the competition, and it shows in every facet of every project! You can easily see our excellent craftsmanship within each of our stainless steel products, as they are beautifully designed, made from only the best materials, and fit whatever application they need whether that’s for home or business use.

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Why Should I Choose Stainless Steel For My Railing Project?

  • Long Term Value

When you factor in the costs of maintenance over the long haul, stainless steel railing has a minimal cost when it comes to upkeep, so the material is quite often the least expensive option available to use. The investment may seem high initially, but dividends are well paid out over the years.

  • The Material Is Visually Stunning

The surface of stainless steel is bright, there are several different finishes available to pick from, and the material boasts a modern look and is aesthetically pleasing. We have numerous designs, colors, and unique styles to select from, so you can easily match up with your home or property’s appearance, and it’s sure to fit in exceptionally well with your current surroundings.

  • Easy to Keep it Looking New

The simplicity of cleaning and maintaining stainless steel railings  makes it a top choice to use within the home or office. You will often see this material used where hygiene is very important in places such as hospitals, food plants, and kitchens, so you can feel rest assured that stainless steel will work nicely wherever you want it to. This wonderful material is also unphased by microorganisms – making it even more desirable overall.

  • Impact Resistant

A great level of toughness is appreciated when it comes to what stainless steel delivers, even when the temperatures rise or fall dramatically, this material is well suited to cryogenic applications.

  • Fire and Heat Resistant

Stainless steel has special high chromium and nickel-allowed grades which resist scaling and retain their strength at extremely high temperatures.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Higher and lower alloyed grades of stainless steel resist corrosion, so you can feel relieved no matter what kind of outdoor area your home or office resides in, or whatever corrosive substances may be around.

  • Great for the Planet

As much as half of all new stainless steel that is manufactured in North America is made from melted scrap metal. It’s a great thing that stainless steel is 100% recyclable! In today’s environmentally responsible world, these factors make stainless steel a desirable option for Eco-friendly railing projects.

  • Our Process

Getting your project rolling all starts with a free consultation from our talented team, during which we will visit your home or office and evaluate your space to see what would be the perfect option for a railing system. We understand that questions are going to come up, so that is why we make sure to listen closely to you and answer those questions because they are elements that really matter to your project, and so means of open communication between both parties is a key focus of ours. The design, materials, and placement of the project are all clearly outlined in our communication with you, so you can fully understand exactly what we promise to deliver for results. Do you have any specific requests or tweaks you would like us to take care of? No problem, it will be our distinct pleasure to accommodate those! Our immensely experienced team of welders, designers, installers, and fabricators is fully invested and committed to getting the job done exactly as you had originally envisioned it. Best of all, our team of professionals will always finish a project within your initially proposed budget, and around your busy schedule and complex life, with minimal interruption and distraction!

Let’s Make It Happen

Need proof of Cypress Railing’s dedication to delivering quality stainless steel railing projects? Look no further than the photos below for real examples of stainless steel projects we finished in and around the remarkable city of Vancouver! You are making an intelligent decision when you choose to work with our professional team at Cypress Railing, and we are ready to show you each step of the way that your gut call to hire us paid off big time! We encourage you to get in touch with us today and take the first step toward a successful stainless steel railing project for your home or business. Book your free consultation today, there’s no risk so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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