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Staircases help to connect floors together in homes and businesses and enable us to move around buildings to get where we need to go. Staircases used to be considered an after-thought in buildings and were mostly built to provide utility only so that more than one floor could be built and used. They were essentially utilized to address a need, but now home and business owners increasingly want ones that are attractive and fit in-line with the decor and style of their spaces.

At Cypress Railing, our staircases exude the highest level of quality and provide a functional design for your family, friends, and guests to comfortably and safely get around your home. We custom build staircases based on the specific dimensions of each stair needed, provide a design that fits well with your home’s unique aesthetic elements, and create a style that is safe and usable for the entire family from young children to older adults.

A staircase can, when done well, be a main focal point in any room. It can dominate a space like no other element can, so choosing a well-built, well-crafted, and beautifully designed staircase is essential for bringing together the entire design of your home. Whether you ultimately choose glass, iron, spiral staircase, or a regular staircase, we can give you what your home, business, or property needs.

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    Our Latest Staircase Projects in Greater Vancouver Area

    Below we briefly outline some of the Staircases that we Design and Build


    When you choose a glass staircase you are seeking out elegance, sophistication, simplicity, and a modern look. Glass panels are easy to clean and maintain, and don’t show wear over time even with heavy use. This style makes your space look bigger and more open, and the transparency is a welcome addition in most homes and businesses.


    The great aspects about iron staircases are that they are ideal for outdoor use for harsh outdoor weather conditions, can withstand lots of weight and activity, are durable, low maintenance, cost effective, easy to install, and the material works well with many other types of materials as well if you want two or more types of materials for your one of a kind hybrid staircase


    This type of staircase is very space efficient, and their vertical nature allows for a smaller architectural footprint than most every other kind of staircase available today. By saving floor space, you free up room for other important elements such as furniture and storage space too. Spiral staircases are a wonderful solution to connect any floors together, and they look gorgeous as well.


    This type may also be referred to as a traditional staircase that’s typically wooden. They are good because they are timeless, great value, and built to last. They can take on all sorts of looks, and can be carpeted or just left as wooden slabs and be painted, stained, or varnished as preferred.

    Our first class and durable residential staircases are custom made-to-order. Our team carefully designs, fabricates, and installs your railings and staircases in-house, meaning we can deliver any design or pattern you desire for either inside or outside of your home.

    At Cypress Railing, we offer only the very best products in the industry. We absolutely pride ourselves on having a passionate devotion to quality craftsmanship, and making products that are top of their class in terms of value! This is absolutely true and certainly evident when it comes to our highly regarded staircases. Our custom-made staircases are exactly what you need to add style and accessibility to your home or business. A quality staircase is going to be ideal in making sure your home or business is easy to navigate around both quickly and easily, and it’s also going to make your entire space look and feel fantastic!

    If you are still not convinced that Cypress Railing is the best choice for your next staircase project, take a look at the photos below from our past customer’s experiences with us! They are all from staircase projects our team have successfully completed in and around the Vancouver area. When you make the wise decision to choose Cypress Railing, you will never have to worry about being left in the dark at any point in the process, as we are committed to keeping you updated through our strong communication efforts at every stage of the project. Our loyal team is ready to show you the difference we can make with all of the valuable industry expertise we have gained over the years. Contact us today so we can learn more about your staircase needs, and to take the first step with us by offering you a free consultation!

    Our process starts with a free consultation, during which we will visit and review your space. We want you to be informed and in the know, so we will make sure to go over all of your options concerning the design, materials, and placement of the project. We value communication and openness as key business practices, meaning we will never be unavailable to answer your questions or address your concerns.
    Our team will also work to take care of any specific requests or needs you may have. With over 40 years of experience in the industry between them, our talented team of designers, installers, fabricators, and welders will get the job done right, and all within your budget!