Many of our North Vancouver BC home owners chose stainless steel for their railing systems for a reason. While many options of materials can be chosen for your railing system, you might also want to consider choosing steel. In terms of aesthetics, durability, and functional performance, stainless steel provides the best value for your dollar.


Extremely Durable

Safety and firmness are essential factors when selecting hand rails. Using stainless steel for stairwells provides the back bone structure in order to carry heavy weight. Comparing to other rail options such as aluminium, wood and vinyl, steel railings out perform these materials in terms of durability.


Aesthetically Appealing

Steel comes in many applications and forms, allowing users to custom design their steel based on their own interior or exterior home decor. Especially for glass stairways, using steel to frame glass uniquely outlines the exquisite appeal.



As compared to other railing materials, stainless steel railings are very cost effective. What’s even better is that steel doesn’t require any special finishing. As the weather changes, from spring, to fall, to winter, and so on, stainless steel can handle extreme weather conditions very well. If you’re looking for an aesthetic, long-time value solution, steel is the choice for you.

Stainless steel has been used in buildings for ages, and for good reason. Even though there are many options to be chosen for handrails, steel is a safe choice in terms of looks, custom fit, functionality, and overall value.

Are you looking to upgrade your railing system? Check out some of our exterior or interior steel railing applications photos for our North Vancouver BC customers, as well as the Greater Vancouver area. Or, if you have any questions regarding the fitting of your homes, such as the colours, sizes, and compatibility of other materials, contact us today for a free quote!