Increasingly popular glass railings are a statement of modern sophistication and chic elegance. Moreover, glass offers uninterrupted views for you to enjoy. Large glass windows and railings are fixated on high rise condominiums where privacy isn’t a great concern while, people in homes may prefer having their windows frosted for the additional privacy. The broad range of versatility makes glass railings a fascinating choice.

Types of Glass Railings:

Glass panels are installed to uplift apartments, homes and commercial properties. It’s deemed an excellent choice because it is low maintenance and matches any type of exterior and interior

Frameless Glass Railing: The glass deck panels are installed without any frame border, allowing uninterrupted view. Frameless glass railings are the primary choice for rooftop terraces, balconies and decks. This type of glass railings are also customizable and can easily be framed by Invisirail, which blends in with the glass railing and does not obstruct any views.

Modern Glass Balcony Railing: This type of glass railing is similar to other glass panels in every aspect, however, they are easier to maintain and keep clean.

Tempered Glass Balcony Railing: Tempered glass panels are hardened through a process of heating and cooling, which has made it resistant to scratches and breakage. Tempered glass is six times tougher than standard glass. In case of damage, it smashes into little pieces, reducing injury risk posed by more significant chunks. Tempered railing glass is sold in frameless panels, allowing you to pick an option which provides uninterrupted view and safety for pets and children.

Benefits of Glass Railings:

Benefits of glass railings include low maintenance. All types of materials require regular painting for prolonged appeal and durability. Since railings, especially the ones located on the balcony are constantly exposed to various weather and environment elements, the lack of maintenance glass needs stands out. Glass isn’t susceptible to rotting and wearing out even as it ages and remains in a consistent state throughout the years.

Great visibility offered by the glass is another benefit. No other panels provide the chic aesthetic and elegance that glass does. Glass is also easier to install since it doesn’t require a large number of preparations, such as digging.

Downsides of Glass Railings:

The sole disadvantage of glass is that it’s slightly more expensive than other forms of panels and railings. While it’s affordable, the higher price comes from glass railing having a broad range of styles and durability.

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