If you are wondering which type of driveway gates exist and which you should get for your home, you have come to the right place. Driveway gates are a great investment for many homes, not only do they provide extra security, but they can also increase the value of your property for a multitude of reasons such as added beauty to the overall look and additional security.

There are many materials that can be used for driveway gates, in this article we will be mostly focusing on wrought iron, glass and aluminum gates. In addition to a variety of different choices in materials, driveway gates also come in different styles and with different complexity. Instead of simple driveway gates, you can opt for automatic ones for added convenience. There are also lots of choices in the way the gates function such as sliding gates or swing gates. Below we will go over three different styles of gates for your home, you can combine these styles with different functionality to suite your situation best and truly make your driveway gate unique.

Three Driveway Gate Styles We Suggest

1. Ornamental

Most ornamental wrought iron gates are handmade by artisans and can add a nice flare to your property making it stand out from the rest. Ornamental gates often have curls, flourishes, and arcs that represent birds and flowers but can include many different shapes and animals. Depending on the style of your home and personal preference you can choose from many different shapes and styles ranging from mid-century contemporary to mediterranean. Ornamental gates generally look good with traditional-style homes.

2. Straight Top

Minimalist and bold, straight top gates generally look good with contemporary-style houses. The design is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of curls compared to ornamental gates. You can also optionally top the gates with pointed arrows; some people prefer this kind of look. Straight top gates are good if you are looking for a nice minimalist look to accompany your home.

3. Glass and Metal

At the end of the day deciding which type of driveway gate style is right for your home is a very personal decision. While some people would like their homes to look very modern and use the latest technology others prefer a more traditional look. You can find more examples of driveway gates we have installed for our customers on our site at the If you would like to receive a quote or have any other additional questions about driveway gate fabrication or installation feel free to call us at 604-998-4050.