The thing about glass railings is that you don’t really notice them. They stand without intruding, bringing out the best in the space – indoors or outdoors. Glass railings make a statement without being loud. They make their presence felt without screaming. They are elegant, modern but protect you with immense strength. Quite naturally, they are making waves around the world.

See what 2018 has in store for glass railing lovers around the world.

  1. Glass Barricade: It’s the year of the glass stair railings. The most popular design is a glass screen lining one side of the staircase. The glass looks virtually invisible. It makes the stairway look like it has no rails, but there is no mistaking the protection it provides. It looks contemporary and airy, yet creates a strong barricade.

  1. Glass to Bring in Light: Heavy wrought iron, steel and wood railings of yesteryears are giving way to glass. The idea is to create minimalism by incorporating white, clean edges and simple lines. Glass also creates the illusion of space and brings in more light for energy-efficiency.

  1. Glass Railing with Wooden Steps: To bring a natural feel to interiors, another trend that’s sweeping the world is glass stairs with wooden steps and metal rail. It is innovative, unconventional and sturdy.

  1. Glass with Wood and White: Sometimes, glass alone can make interiors seem cold. If you need to bring in more warmth, combine custom glass sheets with white railings and oakwood stairs. There are many variants in this combination. Elegant white stairs can be paired with thin glass and chrome banisters to create a sense of openness and a trendy, contemporary feel.

  1. Glass Stair Handrails: Designed with clean lines, the railing sheet appears to rise unsupported from the floor and lead to the stairs unobtrusively.

  1. Spiral Staircase: This is cutting edge technology combined with sheer creativity. The glass staircase coils in a spiral shape like a conch, sporting barely visible sea green stairs that make you feel like you’re surfing waves of water. The effect is stunning yet simple: a blend of art and craftsmanship; delicate and luxurious. An equally stunning option is black interior stair rails with curving glass and black or white steps for a bold and beautiful look.

  1. Glass Railings with Dark Wood Stairs: If your dark wood stairs feel too heavy, this is a great way to make it appear lighter. Convert the railing into a glass pane. It adds a touch of the contemporary without taking away the cozy feel of wood.

  1. Glass Stair Banisters: Glass banisters make the room look more spacious, light, and modern. You can customize the look for both homes and offices. You can also pair the glass handrail with pine wood stairs to create more warmth or use dark mahogany stairs for a classic feel.

  1. Blue Glass Rails: An exquisite touch to rails is blue glass with marble stairs. It looks cool, contemporary and creative, offsetting the strength of marble with the delicacy of glass. Translucent stair handrail set in glass can also be offset by stairs of speckle grey slate against chrome and white office interiors for a professional look.

Glass Railings from Cypress

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