Going back thousands of years, any person who owned land wanted to have that land protected. This meant castles, moats, drawbridges, and of course, gates. Today, owning a three-story castle with a great big moat and a drawbridge seems impractical for many reasons, but one part of the medieval dream has persisted through time; the gate. Fences and gates surrounding a property has become the modern-day castle, a status symbol which lends itself to the aesthetic and monetary value of any property. So, when looking for ways to improve a property, and to add some functionality, a fence and gate surrounding the perimeter will do just the trick.

When looking to install a perimeter structure on your property, there are many factors to keep in mind. To find the goldilocks of fences for your property you need to find the best of all kinds.


The function of a fence is very basic; stopping movement, in or out. Historically, this meant protecting what was inside the fence from the outside world, or conversely, protecting the world from the thing inside (Imagine Bull riding without fences to contain the bull!). Today, fences continue to share that same purpose, but have been specialized into different subtypes with designs meant for the task involved. Some fences are built to be rugged, long-lasting structures, meant to safeguard and contain animals or livestock. Some are meant to be bland, utilitarian, but cheap and effective structures, often to mark or fortify some kind of boundary. Still others are elegant, artistic pieces installed more for their look than their function. The kind of fence you could be any of these, or a mixture of all, depending on the specific needs of the situation.


The material used in making a fence will be determined by two things; function and cost. What you need the fence to do will determine what kind of material it should be. Some materials are stronger and more durable, but more expensive and may not look as aesthetic as one could desire. Other materials might provide the beautiful appearance one desires at a reasonable price, but at cost to the durability of the material. Best practice in this area is to consult a professional to get a better understanding of your options, and to find out what best fits your needs.


Any good fence has to have an entry way, to get in our out. That’s where a gate comes in. The style of gate obviously depends on the surrounding fence and environment but knowing what you want in a gate is a good start for any project. Pedestrian vs. Vehicle, tall or short, sliding vs. hinged, all of these are options to look into when building a gate to accompany your stylish fence. While function is largely the aim with such a necessary thing as a fence gate, the style of the gate is a big deal, considering its nature as a focal point of the property and the first thing people see when they arrive. Materials and designs for gets vary wildly, so get creative and get inspired; don’t be afraid to take a look around you and explore your neighbourhood or social media to see what others have done.

Whether you are looking to get medieval with your property line, or add a dash of elegance to the curb view of your home, the right fence and gate is never an bad choice.