When you plan to install a fence around your property, the typical question is which material to use. Chances are that you will be deciding between wood or metal fence because they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Let`s talk about advantages and disadvantages of them.


Advantages of a wooden fence:

Provides full privacy
With a wooden fence, you can cover your front and back yard and be sure that you get privacy.

Light and easy to install or take off
Wood is much lighter than metal, that is why it is not very complicated to transport and install it.

Biodegradable and environment-friendly
It is easy to compost wood; it does not give any damage to our environment, what is extremely important nowadays.

Relatively cheap option
To make a wooden fence could be a better option if your budget is limited.


Disadvantages of a wooden fence:

Doesn`t last forever
They cannot compete in long lasting with metal fences. You will have to maintain it sometimes to make sure it is in a good condition.


Advantages of a metal fence:

More durable
It is hard to break a metal fence. It can last for decades without any serious changes in its structure.

Huge variety
On the market of metal fences, there are a lot of types metal on your budget and choice.

Any shape or size
It is easier to make shapes from metal than from wood. That is why metal would be a better option if you want some artistic patterns.


Disadvantages of a metal fence:

It is difficult to transport and install a metal fence in comparison with a wooden one because it is much heavier.

A metal fence of a good quality requires some investment as any good thing does.

As you can see, there is no right or wrong option, everything depends on your taste, budget and some other factors, such as how long do you want your fence to last. Some people prefer only wooden fences as it is a true historical classic of fences, which gives the special aesthetics of wood. The other prefer metal ones for its durability and artistic features.

If you want to make a high-quality fence, which will not only look perfect but also will last for a long period of time contact us to learn more!